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My thoughts and ruminations on this gorgeous Japanese libertine woman known as Honjo Suzu. Her picture appeared onto my Twitter feed like a gunshot. Her beauty like a revolutionary tank blast to my mind. That is her picture was striking and arrested my attention like a cop. However her beauty set me free. Maybe that is just funny to type. Anyway, I was immediately enamored with Honjo the moment I laid my eyes on her. I sent her a text and she was nice enough to reply. Most hot women completely ignore my tweets. Hooray, at least I do not have too much drama in my life. :)

Then I found out she does hardcore porn or J.A.V. That is why I think I started following her on Twitter. Or maybe I thought at first she was just making solo female adult content. Yes, something like this. She seems too pretty, far too beautiful to suck and fuck on film. But then I started to feel feelings for this Japanese girl that tweets sometimes in a language I do not understand. She is the smarter of the two of us. She is able to reply to my dumb comments with understandable English. Then I became smitten because I have a soft spot for vaginas. I imagined she was my girlfriend sometimes. And then she sent a tweet about her new porn, her new hardcore porn she is starring in over there in Japan, which is in the Pacific ocean. I looked at the pictures of her fucking and sucking and was jealous and entertained. Now I am just surprised and amused about my crush on Honjo Suzu. <3

The pictures are incredible. Please click through all the pics from this porn that Honjo stars in. She is a mastermind of sex and cocks. The close up shots showing her ravenously sucking on dongs and hand-jobbing cocks are moving pieces of art. Her camel toe and sexy oppai while she sucks more and more cocks are monuments to beauty. Check out the link below in the next paragraph to see the movie preview. Check out the scene where the lucky guy is getting blown by Honjo and then takes his cock out of her mouth and jacks-off on to her gorgeous face. Well anyway I hope you enjoy this update and my stupid words here on the webpage. I wish Honjo was fucking and sucking me. I guess I cannot always get what I want... :/

Download or stream the movie, even in high-definition, or just check out that hot preview (wow) here. Just click that hyperlink there on the word "here" in the last sentence.

Here is to Honjo, the guys lucky to be in the porn, and everyone reading this future success. :)

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